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Are you afraid of technology? If you are a small business owner, I will give just a small piece of advice… GET OVER IT! I will admit that advice sounds a bit harsh, but let’s dig deeper. To begin, here are the facts, according to a recent Constant Contact survey:

  • Only 1/3 of you have a mobile-optimized website
  • About 1/3 of you say you don’t have time to learn how to use mobile technology
  • Less than half of you have used a mobile accounting app

Do you have a choice not adopt mobile and app technology? Of course, but you also have a choice to employ more labor, earn less profit, and spend more time at work and less time doing what you love. I am not suggesting that you need to sign up for a monthly service plan for every app available, but I am suggesting a good look at what mobile or web apps could reduce cost of doing business and allow you to love what you do. Here’s a few examples of what we use in my wife’s restaurant:

  • WIFI door locks with mobile access – instead of keys, we use codes for each staff member and guests. A web app let’s her know who enters and at what time. She can even remotely unlock the door from her smartphone if someone needs access to the store (like a repair person).
  • WIFI camera – we use the same service to remotely monitor the store and cash register activity. Again, this is viewable from a smartphone app.
  • Remote alarm monitoring – we can remotely activate or deactivate the alarm system using or mobile or web app.
  • Point of sale – we use Square Register, which allows for remote sales monitoring & maintenance. For example, someone asked this week lost a receipt for a bulk food order they needed for expense reimbursement. On my couch at home, I found the receipt in the web app and emailed a copy to the customer.
  • Scheduling & attendance tracking – we use a tablet for a time clock system that verifies times against scheduled hours. The schedule itself is also app-based, which sends alerts when the shift begins and allows staff to swap shifts and enter time off requests.
  • Accounting – we use Quickbooks Online for remote accounting and automation. We can see our net profit daily, run payroll, and pay vendors without being at the business location.

The “big guys”, large firms, franchises, and chains are successful because they are efficient (from a financial standpoint). You can have a great idea and passion, but it has to work financially. Become more efficient by strategically using technology to reduce your time and others’ time involvement in your business.

If you would more information on reducing your accounting burden, let’s talk.



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